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wanton (the whispering words)

shhh... this is supposed to whisper reading
so listen very carefully...
the lines are drawn- the bed is set - the mood
is made and we continue to wade
within each other's primal desire
that keeps building while our voices
touch the ceiling - let's float
no, no don't be afraid - and don't you dare run
from me - I know just how you like it
you're feisty, nasty
yet timid all at the same
time - as I push myself inside you
from behind (ah, ah) do feel me so deep
in you (YES) tell me just how it feels
to dominated and praised all at the same
time - kisses, nibbles- bites and licks
while your vaginal lips just purrs!
oh how I wish to compose this love song
forever inside the very womb of your
warmth while
I keep plunging (deeper, deeper,deeper
deeperdeeperdeeperdeeper... deeply
all you have to talk to me... talk to me...
tell me everything that you need for me... to do you

Written by PF Pfefferlen


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