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what is perhaps, a mere length that
we travel, simply to see each other
day in and day out - nightly throughout
while it rains outside and we are here
simply here as friends or lovers, which
one we dare not narrow our situation down
into one category, so we are both yet we
are not thus the same
in different emotions in unison alongside the
parallel pleasures that finds us... here
...there you are, sitting across me, beautiful
as I look at you from a glancing view as we
sit and share each moment as a silent joy
yet audacious in our laughter and smiles
while our passions cry louder within singular
logic that finds us in nonsensical allure
throwing ourselves upon each other like ravishing
creatures of habit, yet we practice sweeter
methods that speak of our desires:
of course, we are voracious as we are vivid in the
delectable details that surface in our romantic
prances upon the sands of exotic beaches, or
the subtle walks through the enchanted forests
as we embrace the wilderness that surrounds
with beauty and adventure, or the exquisite sails
upon yachts watching the oceans and rivers
that guides our seven seas into seven days of
serene chapters that we will always remember
and talk about, during mornings of breakfast
in Venice, Rome, and Hawaii
thus the tales that we create in the Carribeans
are filled with frantic heat and explicit marvel
yes, we are the adventurous type, yet we
are friends and (well, okay) sometimes lovers
that usually leads us to be more than friends
and more so lovers...
this is but a confession that I am willing to concur
and testify before you as we sit, here...

Written by PF Pfefferlen


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