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Mrs. Black Calypso

in space-age timed design
while the mind covers of the music
while I'm in mid-conversation
dark as the prettiest night
carefully, carefully thumping into me
wondering where her stories originated
while she carried the weight of the world
and man's desire around
about the curves of her fully rounded backside
in her groove
black waves wrapped her scalp
and so temptation found me, waiting
sinking in space-age time design
losing my pure feelings of innocence
posing as a strong soul, when I was merely
a lonely soul in need of her attentive hips
when my lust was predictable
and no doubt, her allure knew this, where was I
dark as the prettiest night
skin like the smoothest mahogany to
be seen and longing to be touched
and so, I touched her, waiting
in her groove
she's dancing, dancing
the waltz of her wanton display
multiplied my need to
take her home with me
that night

Written by PF Pfefferlen


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