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Freedom To Die For

Hey there, Missa-Sippi,
Why you go and be so wide,
How's a slave agoin'a cross you,
Searchin for a place ta hide.

Hey there Missa-Sippi
Don't you hear do's hound dogs bay.
Don't you know that massa angry
Cause his slave done done run away.

Say-you Missa-Sippi,
Why you go and flow so fast.
Just like me, you be a runnin
To de future, from de past.

Say Der Missa-Sippi,
Tell me where you runnin too.
do you know where freedoms livin,
Can I come and go with you?

Hey there Missa-Sippi
Black as me, we must be kin
Do the other rivers hate you,
Cause the color of your skin?

Say there Missa-Sippi
Tell me where you gona roam
Just in case I be a-sleepin
Remember, Africa is my home.

Hey you, Missa-Sippi,
Why you have to be so deep
Come and wrap yo arms around me
And just rock this slave to sleep.

Say there Missa-Sippi
Boy , you sure are cold
Tell the Lord that I'm a-commin
All his wonders to behold.

Written by Phil Montgomery


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