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Dealin' with the Pressure

Dealin' with the pressures of life,
just tryin' to figure it out,
not enjoyin' this time in my life,
sometimes I just want out,
out of the pressures of life.
At a job that I hate,
didn't think it would end up this way,
thought because of my education,
life wouldn't deal me this devastation.
Since movin' to Nashville I've had a revelation,
here it doesn't matter your education,
it's who you know that will save you
from horrible job situations,
regardless of your education.
Tryin' to make ends meet,
workin' from week to week,
lookin' for relief from the stressful week,
not bein' able to recovery,
wishin' and hopin' to find a new lover,
since the other one discovered
that he want and needed a new lover.
He left without explainin' a thing,
I thought what we had was king,
but to him it didn't mean a thing,
it was all about his dingaling,
movin' on from thing to thing.
Oh…the pressures of life,
sometimes I can't stand this pain,
I'm tired of feelin' drained;
I just want to sit and unwind,
relax and enjoy time;
I want to feel as if my life is king,
not havin' to worry and care about a damn thing.

Written by Michelle Phillips


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