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Crack Cocaine

I love you so much,
but the white powder more.
I don't mean to steal from you,
and steal from the store.
I may have stolen your checks,
your son Nintendo games,
I did take his CD player too,
but didn't I pay him back for all those things?
When you came home,
you never knew what would be missin',
often times it was me, I continuously kept you guessin'.
Yeah, I pawned some of your things,
the VCR, the microwave, and yes,
even my wedding ring;
but I couldn't help it,
you know how sick I can get,
just stick with me baby,
you won't have no regrets.
I'm sick I tell you, but I love you so much,
I will kick this habit,
just wish me good luck.
I need you to stick with me,
I need you to be strong,
I need you to hold on to us,
remain by my side, I can't do this alone.
I am a good man, I work hard and all,
I just happened to be hooked on the white powder is all.
I will get help,
you just wait and see,
but in the mean time baby, just stick with me.

Written by Michelle Phillips


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