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Black boy, Black boy, you know you no good.
Black boy, Black boy, from the hood.
Yo style, yo walk, the way you talk.
You like to bling-bling, but aint got a thing!
You call each other "nigga" in a good and bad way,
now white people say it, right in yo face!
You say the white man wants to keep you down,
refer to Black woman as ho's,
blame society for all your problems, Black boy you don't even know.
The power is within,
united we can all stand, the million-man march was a good chance.
Did you remember the message? Come one, come all.
Did you start respecting black love, your brotha's and all?
After the message, you went back to your life,
hating each other and not wanting a Black wife.
The KKK, skinheads and other white supremacy groups
want to thank all the gangs,
for the continued hatred of each other,
for the rage, the fights, oh, and the killings too.
BGD, Vice Lords, Crips, Bloods, Five Percent Nation of Islam,
not to be confused with the religious group;
you are doing their job, and what a messy one it is,
killin' innocent people, the handicap, elderly and even innocent kids.
The racist Whites laugh behind your back,
callin' you ignorant, stupid, glad you hooked on crack.
They are glad that you don't like to read,
glad you sell drugs and like to watch each other bleed.
Louis Farrakhan delivered an important message,
a call for us to come back to the love we use to have,
proud of being Black.
He wanted us to love, and respect each other so,
yeah, all your sistah's and brotha's of color yo.
Show the Whites that we love and respect each other so,
perhaps they may start respectin' us too, you know.
Black boy, Black boy, you know you no good,
Black boy, Black boy, clean up your hood.

Written by Michelle Phillips


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