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As We Are II

As bare in expectation as the world unseen by the naked eye
As romantic & comforting as a gentle breeze; whispering with ease, on a scarlet night
As elegant & graceful as a giraffe; galloping until beyond sight
As special as captured moments; building upon a blessed day
As innocent as a budding peach rose, the epitome of simple beauty
As anxious as the moment before experiencing completion of a life quest
As proud as a father witnessing goals accomplished by his child; whom his love he invests
As strong as a lioness' will protective naturally
As mysterious as the mythologies of our unacknowledged past; stolen Greek history
As complex as cosmic astrology; dissected mathematician planning
As hungry as an individual struck with the curse of gluttony; lacking conscious understanding
As surprised as the child Zeus hurled
As evasive and unobtainable as all the secrets of this world
As unique as a nomad's find
As undiscovered as futuristic events
As natural as the birth of a child
As we are sketched in recognizable detail as a single leaf; fallen & left
As we are as structured as an architects visual depth
As free as God's mind, focus eternal, minus the importance of time...Hopeful of a chance during mine
As we are as strong as spiritual pillars, upholding city limits
As we are as welcoming as a loving home build on control over the unknown
As stunning & breath taking as the sun set over the ocean blue
As we are faithful & sure of infinite possibilities; imagination created by His unchanging continuous
resurrection & rebuilding of our abilities
As we are honest & true

Written by Poetic_Blessing


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