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As the early afternoon bore creeps over me
I'm getting sleepy, and my eyes are feeling heavy
But then I awaken into a paradise of botanical view
With the deepest colors of greens and nightfall blue
The luxurious rainforest awaits my exploration
To the exotic flowers and trees sweet aromas sends a sensation
Looking down at myself, I'm naked as the day I was born
The music of foreign birds sing to me, beautifully adorned
A mist of rain showers me as the sun kisses my face
Then a vision of you makes my heart start to race
Handsomely naked you stand there staring at me
Licking your lips as if I'm something to eat deliciously
Our bodies like magnets you embrace me with such desire
I'm rich with more moisture down below, yes I m on fire
Your kiss is like a passionate lightning strike to my soul
So in tune with my needs making me feel so whole
Feeling the touch of your thickness between my legs
I can tell its ready for action, mmm you don't even have to beg
As we stand up against a rainforest tree with ropy vines
I look deep in your eyes and you look deep into mine
You hold me up as my legs wrap around your body
Entering me slowly, enjoying this tropical rhapsody
Our moans echo into the rainforest air
Colorful butterflies visit us as if they could stare
You pump me harder in this erotic endeavor
Don't want to wake up from this tropical dream, NEVER!
Squeezing my hips as you thrust hard and deep
So sweet&how you make love to me, I weep
Our wet bodies go up and down, slip and slide
The excitement as we come I cannot hide
We lay down resting next to a babbling brook
Would do this again without giving a second look
I awaken again, not much of a botanical view
Looking at my surroundings...damn that wasn't real, I get the blues

Written by Poetiq Majestiq


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