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BREAKUP AKA FREEDOM you hear that?
Take a you smell that?
That's the sweet sound and aroma of liberation
No longer am I kept in ball and chain, I am without limitations
No longer do I have to explain myself to you like an evaluation
Your ass needs to go so I'm giving you the elimination
This girl here ain't no sucka, you messed up muthafucka
You was touching me when you had residue from when you touched her
Goodbye, goodbye
There is no need for me to cry
This happy occasion
Deserves celebration!
You thought your lies and deceit would make me go weak
Hilarious, it makes me happy that I saw through your technique
Thought you was sleek while your ass was on the sneak
Open your mouth, I can smell the reek of lies when you speak
Courts adjourned, get out of my courtroom, I've rested my case
I sentence you to life without me, I'm finding another to replace
My miserable days with you will be easy to erase
You didn't love me, for dead love my heart has no space
It's ready to be filled with the fresh goodness of adoration
Never again will I let my heart be exposed to direct violation
Go back to your excessive flirtatious ways, so translation:
Get the fuck out and find another destination!

Written by Poetiq Majestiq


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