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She looks at her Clearblue Easy applicator
She knew her Mom was going to hate her
Had no idea what her plans were
For the seed growing inside her
This was something she definitely didn't expect
Especially when her and her boyfriend had safe sex
A million thoughts in her head
Going back to when she was in bed
With the man who said I love you as her legs he spread
Hoping to feel better she gives him a call
When he answered he didn't seem nice at all
Saying "Call me back I'm watching basketball"
His rudeness shocked her so bad, made her voice stall
She finally blurts "I'm pregnant with your child."
His temper went far from mild
Insisting it isn't his, accusing her of sleeping around
His head she wanted to kick around
She was angry and hurt, saying "How could you be like this,
after the relationship I thought we had was pure bliss?"
He scoffs and said "You thought wrong, you were just a piece of ass."
Her heart shatters like glass
Tears rain down from her eyes
She slammed the phone down, no reason to say "goodbye"
Her reputation turned into such a disgrace
Moments like this she wished she had her mother to embrace
But that was another problem that she had to face
She went to her mother and bravely told her she was expecting
Her mother's eyes turned red, she was fuming
She gave her daughter a piece of her mind
Oh how much the daughter wanted the time to rewind
A sharp pain entered her teenage soul
It was her heart dissolving into a big hole
She screamed, wanting this to be a bad dream
Then she woke up, out of breath, and that's just how it seemed.
She looked at her surroundings and noticed she was in bed
10:00 in the morning, "Breakfast is ready." Her mom said.
Later on that day she called her boyfriend
Told him that "Unexpected pregnancy is beginning to be a bad trend",
Told him she "wasn't ready to lose her virginity just yet
If you love me you'll wait for me, but please don't get upset."
He told her, "It's okay, I'm not going to pressure you,"
"Besides you're worth the wait, so don't worry about it, boo."
She was glad she dreamt the dream her conscience created
It helped make her decision, and for that she truly waited.

Written by Poetiq Majestiq


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