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BLACK 100%

Does it matter
If my skin isn't the color of yours
Cause its beautifully brown, is that hard to ignore?
Does it matter
If I listen to R&B and hip-hop songs
If I don't listen to no other kind is that so wrong?
Does it matter
If my hair isn't silky and flowing
Isn't straight but more kinky and a little slow growing?
Does it matter
If my speech is a little different from yours
A slang term here and there, does that make me immature?
If it does matter then your brain is nonexistent
So sad how people judge other people in an instant
Appearance and personality is talked about but our heart is the key
That's what should be important not what color I be
Not the kink in my hair,
Not the style of clothes I wear
Not the choice of my music
I'm STANDING UP for what's right, you SIT
We need to change our way of thinking, resist the evil mind
Remove the splinter out of your eye before you get one out of mine
Don't come at me trying to judge me, God can only do that
He knows and I know that I'll stay 100% BLACK!

Written by Poetiq Majestiq


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