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Birds Were Meant to Eat!

When I opened my eyes…
The birds were singing
as I listened closely it sounded like
…they were talking to me
Saying "You are older, lazier and fatter"
Looked at my face close in the mirror
No wrinkles…yet…stupid birds
And I actually did get up and move
Stupid birds, what do they know
I'm eating healthy and losing pounds
Stupid birds, stupid birds…

Walked outside on this sunny morn
raised my face, so the sun could kiss it
Closed my eyes, taking deep breathes
The birds were singing
The birds were singing
…talking to me?
At first a sweet, peaceful melody
I listened closely, one flew over head
"You aint got no man, even your fathers dead"
Wish I had a sling shot to shoot you down
I pointed, following it with my finger
Watching that little bird
till it flew out of my sight…

Walking the park, a bird crosses my path
Bobbing its head at the air
Looking so stupid, pecking at unseen bread
Wanting to kick it but people were round
don't get too close my feathered friend
I heard what you said…
My breathing became heavy and fast
Anxiety crept. Get away from me bird!
I know…I know…I know!
I know why people eat chickens!

Written by D'Nika McCarty aka… Precious2One


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