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The Poetic Ho'

Constantly impregnated
Cuz I stay thirsty, for a piece
Like a prostitute with no birth control
Guess I'm a poet ho'

You see I've gotta have it
Quench me more…give me more
Toting a daily journal
with scrolls galore

Black ink flow of various vibes
And original scribes
Without words I would cease
My soul would un-ease
Premature demise and appease

Sonnets and stanzas
bring me back to life
Make me come without strife
Ink or well? Cant you tell?

Click-click, click-click
Calls my Bic
that's my queue
Now watch my right hand
Do what it do

Ball rolling…swiftly
across my white page
My pen now ejaculates
orgasmic flow rampage

Uncensored or unscripted
Submissive or sublime
Point on point
Scribe on scribe
On time…sometimes I rhyme

Cuz I cant get no
Satisfaction without a reaction
Soothing me, seducing me
I come free of charge
My Bic is aroused now
The Poetic Ho'…at large!

Written by D'Nika McCarty aka… Precious2One


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