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The Morning After

My lids were closed
blindly fumbling my way
By not seeing the promiscuity,
I could make it nonexistent

My ears were deaf
blocking out abusive words
hateful words, painful words
some deafeningly loud words

My heart was numb
once held love now vanished
vanished to a slow beat
just enough for blood flow

My feelings were stifled
couldnt touch anything
by mind or fingertips
suffering so quietly

My eyes closed
My ears deaf
My heart numb
My feelings stifled

In a last attempt at life
I opened my mouth wide
so wide the sides of my lips cracked
And I gasped for air

I held my breath for a moment...
then exhaled
and boy did I exhale...


Unexpectedly out burst confusion
Like projectile vomit...
up my chest...
through my esophagus
and out of my mouth

Spewing from my body
with an urgency resembling labor
giving birth to something
something growing in my loins
something foreign
a dreadful existence
that should have been aborted
quickly...immediately after conception
Because now the quality of my life
is as the 'Morning After Pill'

Written by D'Nika McCarty aka… Precious2One


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