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The clock strikes with HIS hands
I have seen 'The Truth'
many times, too many
But for the first time
I wore pants
for the judgment...

Before walking the streets
as if the sun had called me
mad at the world
on aging feet cards
shuffling my...feet

A storm passes
but new clouds soon appear
lightning cracks in my chest
my heart is pouring
despair raining...and reigning
drenched in secular world

The Church
the hospital for ill souls
some cry out, some suffer silently
others smothered in evil
being stirred in a witches stew
or should I say brew?
Redemption? Maybe.
But never before repentance
watching and waiting...

But I believe...
Yes! I believe!
turned from exorcism
now facing deliverance
Don't run from me, run to me
or I will be forgotten

Solitude is needed
rest and peace
stretching forth my neck
as a racing horse
I shall win!
And win by a nose

I warmed the iron
But HE...HE made it hot
rubbing it up and down my soul
baptized water
and with a little steam
finally...a crease.

Written by D'Nika McCarty aka… Precious2One


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