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Confused? Very.

Is a friend really what you'd call yourself? Would a friend want to seduce my mind?
My vision may be a little hazy, from you trying to drive me crazy, but I'm far from blind.

I hate the game too, although I can play it just as well as you. But, that aint what I'm here for.

Saying I hate the game and at the same time playing it implies that I'm somewhat of a hypocrite
I won't sacrifice the truth for nothing, I'll be real with my shit.

So real that I can admit that I recognize the power in your touch, that I sense the curiosity in your touch
I see the passion in your eyes, I can read when your mind thinks things you may not want to say
but I have to proceed with caution so as not to fall victim to prey

Lord knows I'm feelin it, but I'm too strong to submit
Yet there's somethin unique about the way that you speak
there's somethin bout you intellect, that I wanna freak

There's somethin about your vibe that may get you in between these thighs
There's something about your body that I wanna ride.
BUT, do I wanna let you inside?

There you go again trying to seduce my mind again.
Oh no. I can't let that happen.

I'll continue to capture your heart by way of friendship
I'll strenghten a bond that is beginning to form.
I'll mesmerize you with my smile and continue to watch you adore me.

I may come off as conceited but this is the way I need it.
At the same time I don't wanna fight the feelin because you may be my healin

Should I step out on a limb and just go with the flow?
Maybe it's time to let the bullsh*t go.

Written by PurplePassion


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