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Then and Now

Back then I was wrapped up in fantasy
No time for reality
To busy trying to suppress the dumb shit you were doin to me

I created a dream out of a nightmare
when you were never there
I became aware-
Of all the lying, all my cryin
tears from my soul, this is gettin old

Now my eyes are open to the game
and I'm numb from the pain
You had me feeling like a bitch
when you where treating me like shit

My self esteem was in the gutter
I had to do better
It was time to get my life together

Contrary to your belief, I aint somethin from the streets
I'm a lady.

Not a lady because of what's between my legs but because I got class
In addition to all this ass

I'm on a different level
I've flipped the script
I've turned the page
I'm wiser with age
I'm out of your cage
I'm front and center on my own goddamn stage

You were in my past
Your expectations I have surpassed
My destruction is mass
My attitude is brass
Ni**a kiss my ass.

Written by PurplePassion


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