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Maybe somewhere in your dreams
do you see yourself with me?
I know I'm asking for more than
I should but your feelings
I misunderstood.

I miss your touch your smiling face
and everyone thinks it's you
I should replace
No one asked about the good
times we've shared or how many
ways we showed we cared

No one holds me because you can't
but I constantly hear these negative
chants. The negativity only comes
from those who are without is it
because they are jealous, is that
what they're about?

When negativity comes knocking
again I'll tell them this because
we are friends Don't criticize me
for what I do

I said it yesterday and meant it
too today's no different I love
my boo That is stuff real women
do Maybe if he sees a chance
for us two I'll mute you.
and begin to start a relationship a new.

Written by Quiana Nicholson


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