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What I wouldn't do to be next to you
The last time we were together
the way you pressed my hot body
against your Benz car seat leather.
brought me nothing but pleasure
A quickie was all you asked for.
but we both know it turned
into something so much more.

We had to keep it down,
so the neghibors wouldn't awake
for some bomb sex, your marriage
was at stake
and you knew if she found out,
she would take the kids and shake.

You slipped it in as I softly let out
a moan and then you started hittin it,
I hit back until you groaned.
I held my hand over your mouth,
while you came in me
and to my surprise you rolled your
eyes and named me ecstacy

Before you could pull out,
I pushed you back inside
and let your seat back, and
comensed to ride.

I rode you til your body shook
and sweat made you wet and glisten
then I whispered in your ear and
told you be quiet and listen
I said be cool, I know what to do
and I don't plan to stop
then I began licking your body
like a lollypop

Written by Quiana Nicholson


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