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Sweetest Insanity

Sugar magic streaming through veins
Love plays like a melodramatic song in my life
We crush like stampeding animals
Being herded through a kaleidoscopic rainbow
Then remember to slow down
Take it all in before the atmosphere disappears
Erupts into a chaotic cacophonous diatribe on frailty
But this is reminiscent of nothing ever felt
Giving new meaning to feelings
Every fiber of my being is being driven to call out
To that wild, primitive self
Emotive and brooding yet somehow quite fragile
Elongated musings drawn out in the middle of the afternoon
Tasting colors and mischief on the lips of you
We drip down walls like water to drain
Sapped of energy but still energized enough
To partake in another rendition of love's song
Harmonizing elegantly
Sensuous, sumptuous
Lust masquerading in erotic repose
No one knows the depths of this passion
And we give up attempting to decipher the puzzle
Meaning only to enjoy this moment
Hoping for many others that resemble this one
Titillated, unabated, inebriated
Sleep then awaken to start again
Marathon sessions of exasperation
Exclamations made on the ends of finger tips
Breaths drawn in upon shuttering release
Losing grip on shame; giving in to shameless enjoyment
Deploying every trick ever learned through passing of time
To elicit the pleasures of body and mind
Electrified skin prickles with droplets of sweat
Glistening with sheen of exhaustion
Palpitating hearts beat in unison
Many beats per minute
Racing to the point of passing out
We shout; now
Isn't that just the sweetest

Written by Quality


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