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Tricks of Babylon

Racism and hatred
Is like fuel to fire of rage
Promoting Satanism
And helps nothing in its age

Poverty is an obstacle
And compels the humble to rebel
In a world where the weak
Finds it difficult to excel

Crime seem an alluring escape
In the crumbling world of the poor
Where rejection is a reason
To be angry even more

The oppressed are now annoyed
And the annoyed are becoming violent
While the rich stays insincere
And deny their involvement

They've caged me in a world of weakness
To make themselves look strong
Took my away my right
So that I will look so wrong

They control the wealth
And corrupt my world with war
Now they pretend to be
The brighter of the stars

They've destroyed my pride
So now I feel unworthy
Destroyed my faith
So I will think ungodly

Held me in needs
So I may conflict with my brother
Divided my army
So I may seem a foolish soldier.

Written by Ralph W. Staples


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