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Exercise Your Freedom

You may as well forget
About Freedom being given to you
Your Creator done already done that
That's all the giving that's your due
It's straight up busting your own
From that time to your end
Watch some folks talking bout giving you freedom
You'll find they definitely aint your friend
Talking quick and being slick
Wanting to manage the Freedom you've already got
Coming at you from your blind side
But don't you B in DouBt
These truths are self evident
All folks are created free
Wake up and exercise your freedom
And watch the slave makers flee
Freedom is like muscles
Work it right and make it strong
Its strongest presence is in the heart
Eternally working hard and long
It's attached to the foundation
And situated to move the whole
Freedom is a part of the structure
Not something to seek as a goal
To realize and exercise -- grow
To multiply and reproduce
Not out in space somewhere
Running, on the loose
You've got it already
You don't have it to get
Stop kissing somebody else's Butt for Freedom
And start working and exercising it

Written by Rasheed


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