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Our Aim and Center

We must open too our inner eyes
If we are to see the inner and outer reality
Know that the Supreme All-Knowing Power
Is in charge of the ultimate destiny
It's useless to stress ourselves
Concerning what is beyond our control
This only keeps us from properly attending to
The things that edify our soul
Our soul which is our essence true
Spending on it and keeping it purified
Is the most important thing we can do
Neglect of the soul
Not attending its condition
Will bring us to naught
The lowest rung of perdition
What about the things of this world
What is their meaning and price
Enough deposited in, on and of them
To help gain paradise
To develop relationships
Within the present environment
To build the stairway
Up to eternal contentment
This helps form the Grace
Through which we are saved
The golden pavement
With which Heaven's streets are paved
Devoting now our lives to nourishing endeavors
Purifies our hearts
To accept the Creators highest favors
Eternal life is the gift we've already been given
We must strive for the best conditions
For this life we're living
In the here and now
And the after life that we will surely enter
We must grow to recognize
Our Peaceful Creator
As our Aim and Center

Written by Rasheed


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