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We've Got To Change (Things we need to change)

Let's harness these words
And use their powers
To direct enLIGHTenment
Into our coming hours
To move the barriers
Our enemy has set up
To add nourishment
To our empty cup
As a hand up
To our fallen kin
Open the doors
Let prosperity in
We're just an idea away
From success
Alien thinking
Is supporting the mess
That has us trapped
With no way to move on
Enemy thinking
Has us on the run
We've got to change
Use our natural mind
Free ourselves
From Satan and his kind
If we keep on
In the same losin' vein
The Butt kickin' we'll get
Will be the same

"If we keep on doing what we're doing; we're going to keep on getting what
we're getting"

Written by Rasheed


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