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Of Dr. Nina Simone (February 21, 1933-April 21, 2003)

Dr. Nina Simone
Has gone on
Dr. Nina Simone
Is going home
We miss the High Priestess of Soul
She fulfilled in this life a Blessed Role
Pressure didn't make her
And She didn't let it break her
And Dr. Simone
Kept going on
Now Dr. Simone
Is going on Home
Jazz, Soul, Pop, Broadway, Gospel, Classical, Blues
All performances, Excellent debuts
"Mississippi God dam", "Old Jim Crow"
From her soul came compositions helping us know
There's a better day and better treatment we deserve
and "To Be Young Gifted and Black"
"That's Where it's At"
Racism in the U.S.A. attacked her and her thing
and then, "The King of Love is Dead"
We mourn Dr. Martin Luther King
She refused to be controlled and denied the basic human chance
She moved to Liberia, Barbados, Trinidad, Belgium, England and France
Yet turn now your ear to listen and hear
Dr. Simone's influence etched in our songs
"Come Ye", "Come Ye", Come Ye"
Others, all of us, Fiona Apple, India Arie

Written by Rasheed


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