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Words of Encouragement

You can be who you want to be,
You are who you are,
You can shine like the brightest star.
Don't let no one hold you back,
You can do what you want to do, just keep your plan intact,
Don't give up, stay focus, don't slack.
Faith is the number one believer, aint no shame in that,
Just remember that,
God always got your back...
And if you fall off in life, bounce right back,
Everybody who gets fired, gets hired,
You got your whole life to live,
There's no way your life could expired.
Just take things pace by pace, step by step,
And when you get a little scared, take a deep breath,
The only thing I ever feared in my life was death.
And I felt it walking up my steps,
So Jesus as my Lord and Saver I had to accept.
Ever since my Grandpop passed,
I do my best to live my life correct.

Written by Raymond Fulton


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