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Wake up call

This is a reality world,
Even though we like to fantasize.
Aint nobody perfect,
But always want to criticize.
Don't like to be judged,
But always ready to judge.
Thinking your dirt is private,
But to God everything is televise.
Selfishness and pettiness is everybodies weakness,
Because people are egotistic and think they're the only one at times.
Provoking people to do wrong,
And the innocent don't see it, like if they were blind.
Peer pressure can be the biggest drug,
The way it can corrupt a person's mind.
Life just has too many steps,
With no labels on what ones to claim.
So some follow others and wind up getting left behind,
The ones that succeed seem to be the brighter kind,
And others seem not to make it, cause their lights are too dull to shine.

Written by Raymond Fulton


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