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A Man

I'm just a man,
More then a boy, who just wants to be grown.
I'm an independent struggler,
That's succeeds on his own.
Not a duplicate version , of no one.
Don't want to be labeled a clone,
Who's actions proceeds off what he sees,
And not what he shows.
For any man that lays under a roof,
Or considers the streets as their home,
But no matter where they lay,
They're the man of their thrown.
That has been through many ups and downs,
But always find a way to press on,
To get that paper work, a full time job.
Or get a block and get their hustling on.
Don't nothing come easy,
You can only do what you can do,
And by any means necessary.
To get your hands on some doe.
You do what you do to survive,
But not to put on a show,
You can't show sympathy in life,
A man got to stand tall,
Even if you got to tip on your toes.

Written by Raymond Fulton


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