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The tables turn

Let me borrow your ears,
To explain a story about a young boy life.
Who was blinded by evil,
Being unable to see right,
Who was hungry for knowledge,
But education seem to be like creptinate,
Because having the struggle of struggling,
Was causing him not to sleep at night.
A black boy lost, being effected by not living right,
Sister stripping, Dad booked, Mother shooting up at night.
Only had a Brother who looked at his self has a hero type.
Even though he knew he was the zero type.
Not a son, but a young man,
He promise to raise up right.
Couldn't let his Brother down like his parents,
So he went to the block, to the thugs,
That held things down,
Even knowing that wasn't the place to be found.
Hustling seemed to be the only game in town,
At least the gig where money was guaranteed to be found,
He took the job and his pockets was growing,
Night shift drug dealing had him stacking figgers now,
Name started buzzing, becoming more bigger now,
But it seemed as word got around,
That the other dealers status went down.
His life was coming to an end,
As his family turned around,
As months went by,
Word got threw the streets.
The boy's partner had plans for the boy, and they got to meet.
So as the tables turned.
They engaged in belief,
His Mom cleaned up, Sister came off the streets,
The night was suppose to put his Brother to sleep,
But his Father was released.
He could have seen their lives change,
But when the cops found him,
Big Bro was decease.

Written by Raymond Fulton


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