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I can see the rainbows of yesterday
still dancing within the clouds
I can see the children playing hopscotch
in the get-tos hopping over the world
with full active dreams.
I can see the bright reality
lingering over this dying world.
I can see the triggers being squeezed
in the playgrounds across the cities' pavement.
I can see those speeding bullets in slow motion
enter bodies filled with love-
I can see so much life in a dead boy's dreams
as they scream out at the top of their lungs
for one more chance at dear life.

I can see the beauty of daylight
in the smiles of our Queens in bondage.
I can see their INNOCENCE that's even brighter
than their bronze & golden complexions.
I can see the purple fire sunset in Africa
I can see it
I can see it
rise like the prison population in AmeriKa.
I can see the system blurting out ferocious giggles
every time a prison cell SLAMS a young soul away.
I can see the precious rivers
our people have shed for years-
I've seen HOPE drown in those tears.
I can see the chains glistening along
penitentiaries across the universe
I can see the bards shaking from shadows of closed fist!
I can hear their trapped souls crying out for dear freedom!
I can see all those precious faces
who have left
dragged in the wind of death
gone to the other side.
I can see
I can see
I can see it all
from where I stand
but wait, this is not the
conclusion of this poem...
through all the turmoil
through all the chaos
through all the struggle
I'm Beginning to see a new vision.

I can see the determination in the youth's eyes
to unfold a greater future.
I can see them chasing their dreams
under sun filled days & startlit nights.
I can see the ex-cons uniting with their families
outside the prisons and swimming
to the diamond islands of righteousness.
I can see the young gun squeezers in the playgrounds
put down their weapons & embrace their brothers
like the clouds embrace the moon.
I can see our Queens rise from out of bondage
to be Great Mothers to our luving children.
I can see the HOPE coming back alive-
from out the waters of the world's tears,
dripping with happiness.
I can see it rise high, sparkling brightly,
arched across the Dreamy blue sky
like a rainbow.
I can see so much Life
I can see so much Future
I can see so much Luv
if we all JUST LOOK OUT
this same window
of Togetherness.

Written by Robert Gillins


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