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"Incense of the Lucky Virgin"

Incense of the Lucky Virgin,
High John the Conqueror
didn't bring him home again,
didn't get his children fed,
    get his children fed.

I prayed and what did prayer avail?
My candles held no power.
An evening came I prayed no more
and blew my candles out,
    oh blew my candles out.

Put on your Sunday ribbon-bows,
Cleola, Willie Mae;
you, Garland, go
and shine your Sunday shoes,
    make haste and shine your shoes.

They were so happy they forgot
they were hungry, daddyless.
Except Cleola maybe-she
wasn't asking, Where we going,
    Mommy, where we going?

Garland was too quick for me
(he didn't yell once as he ran);
Cleola, Willie Mae
won't be hungry any more,
    oh they'll never cry and hunger any more.

Written by Robert Hayden (1913-1980)


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