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Should my enterprise flourish and all
My trading funds came from none but me,
I will walk tall, as no voice shall rise in claim
To have been my benefactor with a right
To ransom me for his future benefit.

Should fortunes of my enterprise wane
I should hope that I was wise enough
To reject offers from investors, as they may
Question my forthrightness and honesty
If I tell them their profits are lost.

Should the risk of homelessness tackle me,
I must not ask another man for a roof
Be it that I cannot afford one of my own
Or can but have not found one suitable,
As forever I will be bound in a cell of gratitude.

Should a friend need to sell something I need
I must not take delivery until I have paid in full
The last penny of his item's price with a receipt
This way it will not be a favour but a transaction
Carried out in a normal commercial fashion.

I believe in me, the only one I trust
Not to make me feel infinitely indebted
For little favours I could have done without.
Anything I cannot do for myself is not for me
To enjoy and must be left alone.

Written by Nnorom Azuonye


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