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The fact is you see...
I fell in love with your personality
and in actuality its everything about
you that infactuates me...

To the point where
my breath deepens
then my heart pounds
till my pulse steepens

And No this aint yo typical lust shit
cuz deep down, my feelings r only
concearned about us....shit

so if it seem like im not showin you no effection
im just takin it slow
for the betterment fo our relationships protection

but dont get me wrong
cuz with everyday that u present to me
i will take the time to make sure we
connect mentally.

And our communication will reach a level
when a conversation can b held in fact...
when i know what your thinking just by
simple eye contact.

but just 4 the fact that
5 mins past and already im missin
the sweet sound of yo voice,
before u talk im listenin

and eventhough words dont need to be exchanged,
just for the sake of traditions
lets tell each other our dreams & ambitions
and still then im hopin & wishin
that somewhere down the line this dream becomes fiction
or wherever these feelings turn to truth from preminisions
then i wont worry about the past
or the truths about the future
cuz wherever Im at
honestly, i just wanna see
you & me, livin life happily
baby i just wanna BE...

Written by Ryan Jones


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge