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Time Flies…

Parting ways... with old days.
Realizing that things change
Not From old age...
But simply a different stage
W/ a new cast.
So you try & hold fast
To what has now past
But All things never last
Defending offending questions
That the new generations ask.
Things just aint the same
& the youth is all to blame?
Things that once was cool
They now see as lame
Tryin 2 Live in the fast life
Drivin in the fast lane
Remembering all the ones
That lost they lives 2 the game
I kno... sometimes u wanna cry
Lifes is so hard... but still u gotta try
One day you'll move on
You gotta grow old and die
When that time comes
No need to ask why
Just turn around,
Smile and wave goodbye...
Everythings gonna be just fine...
But My O' my, how the time flies by...

Written by Ryan Jones


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