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She Keep on Passin me by…

My mother aint hit me when i was lil boy for nothin
everytime I didnt open the door for a woman.
See i was raised to be a gentleman
Good, kindful & intellegent
but most importantly be respectful to a woman.
So now im a grown man and Im thinkin to myself
Being a gentleman leavin me lonley and bymyself
So Im sorry ma, that your hard works all went in vain
cuz girls is lookin me over and i feel like im tha blame
& as always nice guys finish last
u kno its all tha same.
just anotha face in tha crowd
You see im Not a typical thug in tha club spittin game
tryin to impress u wit his car and
how many rocks is in his chain.
Meanwhile yall just get sucked in to his words
like a mosquito to a flame
not realizin he treat all his "hoes" just tha same.
damn whats a man to do, what u want me to beat on you
slap u a couple times, call u a b****, or just cheat on you.
or would u rather have man that, ask how your day was,
listen to your problems, and when u sick take care of u.
A man who realize u for the beautiful individual u are
and explore your mind and treat u like a star
Time keep passin and im askin why, Im still
sittin in last place and she keep on passin me by
But imma hold my head high cuz my limits is set beyond tha sky
So go head suit yaself, choose tha playa if u want
cuz when yall in public then u kno that he gon' front
cuz deep down inside i kno u wonderin
y he not holdin ya hand and y he starin at that woman.
and his wonderin eyes dont tell u nothin but lies
ill treat u to a steak dinner he just bring u burgers n fries
And im baffled, whats wrong, and still tha girls is dissin me
yall want a good man but yet yall tha ones who killed chivalry.
but naw i aint mad i forgive you, even though u kno not what u do.
all tha while im still lonely feelin sad and oh so blue.
and u at home alone wonderin where ya man has been
just look at tha bright side, he got some ice and a car
wit some shiny rims that spin
but i hope u feel betta when he leave u in tha cold cuz by then
all tha gentleman will b long gone and blowni in tha wind.
im searchin for a woman, thats respectable and true.
good personality and her smile lights up tha room.
Angelic and her essence brings joy to all who come
in contact,
a smart educated woman, thats not wonderin where
her baby dad's at.
seems like alot but i just wanted yall to see,
im not lookin for a perfect girl, just one thats
perfect for me
so if no girl out ther can luv me for me
Im not gonna stress it cuz
i guess i was born,
not to understand,
by lettin her pass,
i proved to be a better man...

Written by Ryan Jones


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