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at night i lie down with a feeling of emptyness
fighting a war that internally grows inside me
with everyday that passes.
Thoughts of you drowns out reality
staring at the ceiling, my mind
consumed with your image.
my heart saturated with love
Sleepless nights spent in your name
hearing the sound of your voice
sooths the soul.
Quietness only adds to the chaos
emotions stir like whirlwinds
anger sets in every night i sleep
until u and I are one.
dissapointment sets in when
I hold my feelings inside.
Pent up emotions build up and
threaten to errupt like hot volcanoes.
Thoughts of the day my feelings fester
and spill out like a rushing tidal wave.
thoughts of liberation from this prison
of memories, feelings, and emotions.
The day Im free taunts me in my dreams
the day the war ends.
confessions of fire burn away emotions
that bound my heart. Being carried away
in the wind like hot embers of wood.
Seeing you everyday brings me back
to the begining. starting my cognitions
all over again. Then im back at the same
point I began.
In my bed, staring at the ceiling in the dark
with the feeling of emptyness.
Dreaming of the day we are free
as eagles, soaring in the clouds
sillhoutted against the vanilla sky.
until then, my nights are dedicated to
wondering, hoping, wishing
you cant sleep either
hoping, praying, thinking
your dreamin about me too...
To Love.

Written by Ryan Jones


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