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I miss you

The other night, like all other nights
i found myself thinking of you
Since the last time i saw your face
time has come to a slow and persistent halt
days stretch on into what seems to b an eternity
each hour, minute, and second is spent
acting like I don't miss you.
fighting the urge to pick up the phone and call
you in every moment I feel the urge.
nothing seems to matter anymore since you've been gone
days are filled with constant thoughts of you.
nights are spent indulging in memories of happy times.
Colors seem bland and words lose all meaning
things we loved to do aren't fun anymore without you
Our favorite foods we ate are tasteless now.
I feel an imbalance in life now, and im struggling until
things are set back right.
I miss you more than actions can show
more than words can express
more than you'll ever know
and i find myself again, thinking of you
as I always do
wondering if you miss me as much as i miss you...

Written by Ryan Jones


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