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Bad Luck

Call 911 for an emergency
My rent is overdue
My credit card is over the limit
It's been days since I saw sky blue

I lost my job some time ago
I'm on the street without an address
My friends are all gone, my honey is too
I'm homeless and in distress

I owned a car, a Pontiac
Was black with tan interior
Attracted the attention of all the girls
Made the other guys feel inferior

My goal was to become a millionaire
Now it's just to find some luck
I've lost so much, I have no pride
Hey Buddy! Can you lend me a buck?

Broke is as absolute as total darkness
It doesn't come in degrees
Without a nickel, dime or quarter to spend
I have nothing to offer but need

It's raining now, but there's a drought for me
My crops are all dried up
The moon just slide behind a dark cloud
Even my street is named "Bad Luck".

What did I do to deserve this treatment?
I didn't commit a heinous crime
I'm not spending days in a prison now
But just the same, I'm serving time

If I won a million dollars today
I'd take a ride away from here
Find a home in Friendlyville
Someplace to arrest my fears

But with bad luck lurking close behind
I feel I'm in a trap
Call 911 for an emergency
I'm fed up with this crap!

Written by Ronald L. Salter


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