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The rain has ended it's a nice spring day
The train has left the station
My ebony beauty has purchased a ticket
To my arms her destination

The fireplace is lit the wine is chilled
I'm in heated anticipation
My love will arrive just in time
To relieve my sexual frustration

Visions of my dolls long black legs
Fill my mind with hope
Her shapely hips and thick round lips
Are the sources of my erotic thoughts

My love gauge is rising my temperature is high
I wish I didn't have to wait
There will be pleasure galore for me to enjoy
When I open "heavens gate".

I've got to take matters into my hands
I hope I don't lose control
She's a Nubian queen with long sexy legs
And a body that's made to hold

Oops! It's happened again, it's all over my hand
I couldn't wait any longer
I hope she's not as frustrated as I
If so I know I'm a goner!

Written by Ronald L. Salter


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