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Solid Minds

The sun settled down for evening's rest
The moon rose in it's place and took a bow
Tucked in by the moon the sun turned out it's light's
And darkness descended on the earth for a while

Concerned about the truth a lie hid in the dark
Saying the truth can only come out in the light
Without a candle to illuminate the path to the truth
The lie appeared to be right

The lie was confused about the season of the year
Stayed in the darkness out of fear
The truth caught him napping at the break of dawn
The lie exposed to the truth disappeared

A lie told in the dark will come out in the light
There are commandments about telling the truth
It's not the darkness that's your enemy when the lie emerges
It's the darkness in your spirit that's fooling you

A beautiful song can be sung in the light or the dark
Because beauty is always right
Stay out of the darkness until your mind is strong
A solid mind to a lie is always light

Written by Ronald L. Salter


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