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Black Man

The lights are on, the door is open
There's food on the for three
I want to reach for a bite to eat
But I'm not a member of the family

I tried to apply at the office today
But I was told there were no vacancies
I'm alone in the world, don't fit in anywhere
Seeking justice has to take a back seat

Got my priorities straight and I won't be late
I put that on my resume
My papers are in order and I brushed my teeth
Finding a job is never easy for me

I get angry sometimes and almost lose my mind
That's why I'm on medication
I'm invisible to some to other's a bum
I'm a man without my own nation

Dignity is scarce when your life is a mess
I don't get any sympathy
I hear the violins in my head "cause I wish I were dead
Heaven must have reservations for me

Some say racism has stopped but for me it has not
I'm still a minority
My family was destroyed by a system that is void
Of love and equality

I'm asleep at the wheel of a car and I won't get very far
My destination is still in doubt
There's a toll booth ahead but I don't have a token to spare
Everything cost money and I'm all out

I live in the land of plenty so they say all the time
But the distribution never gets to me
I appear in every location on earth
But my skin is the wrong brand to be

I've heard all the rhetoric about racial progress
But by that I am not exactly inspired
I'm told that I will get all of mine in time
But of the wait I'm already tired

There's a rest stop up ahead
think I'll find myself a bed
And dream about my family
The next time you put food on the table for three
Leave a space for me

Written by Ronald L. Salter


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