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Girl'z Got Skillz

We make intense love the same way every time
Until we are both bowlegged and gone completely blind

The earth shakes wildly beneath our bedroom bed
I keep adequate distance from the wall, so I don't hit my head

My lady is divine and stimulates me to the ultimate desire
Her lips form a ring of temptation, and sets my vulnerabilities on fire

I don't mean to traumatize you and make you turn blushing blue
But the lady can stream up my bedroom windows and put a shine on my brand new shoes

A walk in the rain won't dowse the flames nor will a hurricanes wind
I tap her shoulder in the middle of the night begging her to let me in

She doesn't hesitate to accommodate me whenever I need some lovin'
She just turns on the heat and toast my bread, better than a microwave oven.

Written by Ronald L. Salter


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