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Pretty Brown Eyes

Pretty brown eyes my Nubian queen
Come and plant flowers on the moon with me
Dance on a beach made of moon dust sand
Let me place a diamond ring on your third finger left hand

Gaze into the space that is ours alone to see
Spend time in our secluded spot reserved for you and me
Our chemistry is what makes us a perfect match
Eternity is our destiny on that you can place your bet

Legends of love would admire the love we share
We launched ours into outer space and still have some to spare
Others are watching us from stars as we have a brilliant glow
True inspiration and embellishment makes our love solid gold

We will have a soft landing when our love returns to earth
I'm motivated by your love and will always put you first
Let's celebrate every anniversary in our secluded spot
There's a plethora of blessings here and our passion is steaming hot

Written by Ronald L. Salter


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