Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge!

Coffee and Philosophy

Let's share a cup of coffee
And a little philosophy
Let's talk about life in general
And some of it's mysteries

Why do some people have color?
Why are some without?
Does it really make a difference?
Many say they have their doubts

When your skin is black
You have a lot of trouble
Is black skin just a color?
Or a sign of something political?

You wake up in the morning
And hope for a trouble free day
You are tired of all the references
Wish color didn't stand in your way

We are all called black people
But we come in many colors and hues
We accept all our people of color
Because they have all paid their dues

The creator had a plan you see
How you would handle adversity
You can't say you deserve eternal life
Until you have proven your durability

You'd better get prepared for life you see
Times for you are going to be rough
When you are a person of color
The game of life is played on artificial turf

Go ahead and have another cup of coffee
Sit back and relax
We are going to talk about accomplishments
By people of color also called blacks
We often read books about our past
The kings and queens who in Africa reigned
We talk about Egypt and Ethiopia
With dynasties now in the hall of fame

The African people who shined with pride
Made discoveries now credited to others
There is an entire continent with unknown tribes
There are many countries there all sisters brothers

These proud nations showed compassion to its people
That is why they were called dynasties
Egypt reigned for three thousand years
Man talk about stability

We find ourselves now in another land
Chosen to lead from undercover
Established politics and culture without taking credit
We keep moving even when we are being smothered

Always in adversity in our new home
But shine like the brightest light
Living in abject poverty in many locations
Yet! produce some people who are truly bright

Dominant the world of music from nation to nation
With Jazz, R&B and now Hip Hop
They call us a minority because of our numbers
But what other group have been on top?

We could go on but I'm sure your coffee is getting cold
Talking about how the black man is truly dynamic
We are motivated people who stumbled and didn't fall
We'll rise again because we are simply fantastic!

Written by Ronald L. Salter


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge