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I'm Bad

I've never been to Spain
Never been a link in a chain
Don't know all answers to a crossword puzzle
But I know how to play the game

I listen to Jazz music 'cause it's cool
I got my Bachelors degree from school
I don't claim to be wise and I don't wear a disguise
I've even learned a few things from fools

I have x-ray vision to see
Can look inside an apple and count the seeds
See through all the crap, go home and take a nap
Wake up in time to enjoy a cool breeze

I drink fire from a glass with ice
I'll climb a mountain or two for spite
Swim across the Chesapeake Bay, go sky diving for play
Do it all in the course of a day

I know how arrogant it sounds
But the Sun follows me around
I go from East to West, and if it passes the test
In the evening I let the Sun go down

I've been to Iraq and I ran
Can't deal with religions I don't understand
The people are grand, they're just not in my plans
I have better things to do with my hands

Well, I hope I got your attention
Is there anything I failed to mention?
If so stop by, while the sun is still in the sky
Cause after dark I'm a man on a mission

Written by Ronald L. Salter


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