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Oh! Black lady, what's that underneath your dress?
Causing a commotion, creating sexual stress
The way you shake from left to right, explains why I'm confused
If I don't touch that part of your anatomy soon, I'm going to blow a fuse

The earth shakes, the stars twinkle, when you throw that thing in gear
We're gonna need a larger facility now, 'cause that part won't fit in here
Whatever you're taking to make you shake like that, I'll take a case or two
My eyes are wide open, I don't dare blink, 'cause I don't want to miss a clue

If you shake like that one more time, I'm gonna have to give the other girls up!
I'm just a temporary visitor here, but I'll stay if you'd be my buttercup.
Don't bend over, it might cast a shadow, like a total eclipse of the sun
If you shake any faster, it might change the weather, and it's for cover I'll have to run

Every time you wiggle your bottom like that, it puts my mail on hold
I'm trying to see this thing in a positive light, now are the tickets to the next show sold?
When you walk like that it's so erotic, it propels my rocket to the moon
I've got a flower in my garden to give to you, I'll have the" love bird" deliver it soon!

Don't be offended or take it personally, by my description of your erotic moves
If I were a car I'd overheat and blow a gasket and drive outside the groove
Don't misunderstand me I like sexy girls and getting down to the real "nitty gritty"
But I'd rather watch you do your sexy walk, than the skyline of New York City

Written by Ronald L. Salter


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