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Dialog with a Vagrant (Judy)


Why do you choose to ignore me?
I'm standing at your door!
I'm here to provide a service for you
I have expertise in sexual chores!

You passed me on the road back there
I waved but you progressed
I guess I'm just a vagrant to you
I didn't pass your test!


Excuse me young lady for being rude!
But I don't even know your name
I don't know why you showed up here
Maybe destiny has a plan!

I see from the solemn look on your face
That you have lost your way
I can set you on your course again
But you will need to spend a day!


Sunday will end at midnight for me
Saturday was yesterday's event
Friday was just the day before yesterday
My life is already spent!

I got derailed many years ago
When I didn't go to school
I didn't obey my parents then
Nor follow the golden rule!


A little hope will get you to tomorrow
Disdain will rot you whole
Taste the fruit of positive thinking young lady!
And you'll reap an intact soul!


Life, for you has stipulations
But my mind is void of hope
Veneers of life are rather thin
And I find it hard to cope!


Sometimes life is over the top!
Every diamond is not a pearl
Sometimes good deeds are met with punishment
The challenges of life are seldom sterile!

Take a chance on life and invest your best!
And you will be rewarded
The good deeds you perform beginning today
Will complete the plans you've started!


I've taken hold of your demeanor now!
And there's "thunder" in your speech
I've learned to embrace life with a firm grip now
And not to let it slip away!

I can see the goal line clearly now!
But I can't get there from here
I need a map to navigate my way
And confidence to allay my fears!


Every Rose has a thorny stem you see
Trepidation is one of life's ways
You're too young to die on the streets alone
But old enough to pray!

Birds fly south in the wintertime
To avoid trouble, circumvent
Life will pay you back double, someday
With a new day and a new horizon!

Don't look for the roads to be paved with gold!
That's the best kind of insurance
Fantasy is not the way of life
The race of life is about endurance!


Thank you for the advice you gave
You have launched me on my way!
I will see you again in another life
If we don't forget to pray!

Written by Ronald L. Salter


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