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What is this fascination?
Why does she have a lock on my heart?
Seems it's always been that way
From the very start

Can't seem to draw a conclusion
She's so very vague and aloof
Maybe she's an illusion
Although she's the living proof

I'm dazzled by her awesome display
Of grace combined with beauty
Her flowing hair tempered with care
Peaks my interest to its maturity

She'll come my way and notice me
When I'm standing tall and erect
I'll smile for her and kiss her hand
And wish her all the best

But the tears rolling down my face
Acknowledges the contradiction
She doesn't even notice me
I barely get her attention

She's got to have a place in her heart for me
I've got to make a stand
Although I'm only twelve years old
I'd like to be her man!

Written by Ronald L. Salter


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