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The alarm rang softly at seven o'clock
The face on the clock had a smile
It said get up and take a walk in the sunshine
I hadn't done that in quite a while

Venus was riding high in the sky
As I started my stroll through the park
It was a bright sunny day to take a walk
But in the forest it was rather dark

I heard birds whispering and spreading rumors
About the beckoning of the dawn of spring
The wind blew pleasantly through the trees
I could swear that I heard them sing

I came upon a couple of rabbits
Making love to the rhythm of spring
I just glanced and smiled and thought to myself
What pleasures natures forest can bring

As I emerged from the forest and into the light
I heard "Carol" telling "Tony" goodbye
Said she couldn't stay to see the dawn of spring
But she would love him for the rest of her life

I continued on my stroll through the parking lot
There was "Ray" making love to "Gladys"
In the back of the car, both sixty years old
I guess love is truly endless

Wiped the sweat from my brow, as I entered the house
My total worries today are none
Sat down for a rest from giving it my best
And contemplated a day in the sun

Aroused from the walk think I'll take the day off
And get some of what "Gladys" was giving to "Ray"
Life is a pound of chocolate chip cookies
Now you go on and have a nice day!

Written by Ronald L. Salter


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